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Custom built computers

Cat6 IT design and build high-performance, reliable computers for the Home, Gaming Industry or Business. Our custom computers are designed specifically for each customer with attention to every detail.


Precision engineering throughout

We design machines using the highest quality components from start to finish and use our experience to ensure part reliability.

Each system is individually engineered to perfection while designed for maximum performance, stability and longevity - no compromises.


High Performance
High performance components from Intel, AMD and Corsair provide incredible performance for whatever you choose to do.
Intelligent SmartCooling

Each cable is intelligently routed and each cooling fan is optimised for maximum airflow thus increasing system stability & reliability.

Choose your platform

Choose what Operating System you'd like. Furthermore, we never pre-install 'junk' with our systems.

SmartRecovery Technology

Recover from any software issue, right back to a point in time before the error occurred.


Built specifically for you

We work closely with you to identify your requirements and budget, even if you don't know what they are just yet we'll help you every step of the way. The end result; a system built exactly to your specification that will exceed your expectations.


Contact us to build your machine today...

We build systems for a wide range of sectors including businesses, whatever you might be looking for we'll find a perfect fit. Let's talk! Each system is built in the UK, provided with a *12 month warranty as standard and is backed by our incredible after sales service.

*Note that 12 months warranty is for the system in general, some components may carry a 24 or even 36 months extended warranty by the manufacturor