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PC Repair & upgrades

We provide friendly, professional and cost-effective in-home computer repairs and upgrades around the Lanarkshire area. Whether you're experiencing problems with your PC or just need a little assistance, or your looking for a complete new system custom built to your very own needs, we're here to help.

Isn't it frustrating when your computer doesn't work the way you want it to? As specialists in PC repair we'll be able to solve pretty much anything you could throw at us including slow performance, viruses, e-mail/internet issues, data loss, error messages and even help you migrate or transfer data to a new PC.



Cat6 IT support services are designed to assist IT managers and complement your existing in-house expertise. Our technicians are able to provide technical assistance to existing in-house IT teams and includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line support, temporary cover, holiday cover, network management and IT project delivery.

Our technicians skills are backed by our Infrastructure Specialists who can assist with IT projects and IT planning, saving your IT team valuable time. Our technicians are located locally so are able to respond quickly and efficiently both remotely or on-site, saving you time and money.



Here at Cat6 IT we try and provide the client with a one stop shop for all there IT needs.

Weather they are a home user requiring a virus removal from there PC or there operating system upgraded to the lastest version of Windows, a complete new system built to there own specification.

Small Business moving premises requiring installation of a new network, ISP setup, new servers and desktop installations. Whatever you needs are Cat6 IT is happy to support all you needs to both home users and Business clients